Website launched!

Welcome on the official website of the 13th IOAA! We recommend to study the important dates and the preliminary program of IOAA.Please consider the arrival and departure dates and times, and plan your trip accordingly.

The registration form will open on 15th April. We ask leaders to register your country as soon as possible. You will be able to log in to the registration site and complete your data later. We will indicate the arrival of participants from visa-required countries to the Foreign Office of Hungary.

Please check, if your country needs a visa to Hungary (link: ide a Visa information aloldal kellene, ha meg lesz). If so, please require a visa at least 10 weeks before your arrival. We will provide an invitation letter, if you need. Hungarian authorities are strict, and visa process is slow.

We will inform you about every important news and notes via the IOAA circulars also.

Good luck with the preparation for the contest, and welcome to Hungary!