Tentative Program IOAA 2019

Date Students Leaders
Fri, Aug 2 Whole day Arrival & registration
Sat, Aug 3 Morning Opening Ceremony
Afternoon Excursion IBM1 Data analysis discussion
Evening Free time Data analysis translation
Sun, Aug 4 Morning Data analysis competition IBM2 Night observation discussion
Afternoon Free time,
Studying the telescopes
IBM3 Theory discussion
Evening Night observation (first attempt) Night obser vation & Theory translation
Mon, Aug 5 Morning Excursion Excursion
Evening Free time/ Night observation (second attempt)
Tue, Aug 6 Morning Theory competition IBM4 Day observation/planetarium
discussion and translation
Afternoon Free time IBM5 Team competition
discussion and translation
Evening Data analysis correction
Wed, Aug 7 Morning Daytime observation / planetarium competition Excursion
Afternoon Team competition
Evening Farewell party Theory & Night observation correction,
Farewell party
Thu, Aug 8 Morning Excursion IBM6 Organisational discussion, final meeting
Afternoon Moderation
Evening Daytime observation /planetarium corrections,
Theory corrections
Fri, Aug 9 Morning Free time by Lake Balaton Moderation
Afternoon Free time IBM7 Scoring & IBM8 Final meeting
Evening Closing ceremony
Sat, Aug 10 Whole day Departure