Liability Statement and Waiver

About guarding of competitors on 13th International Olympiad on Astronomy and astrophysics

I hereby acknowledge my awareness that in the 13thInternational Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics the Hungarian Organizing Committee will take care of my child.

The organizing committee will provide guides for all national teams, who will take care for the children. Guides will speak in English, and will primarily lead contestants.

Contestants are obliged to keep all instructions given from any organizer staff member, all regulations of the IOAA, and all laws of Hungary. Contestants are obliged to take care for their guides, to follow him/her, and avoid any loss during the programs.

Organizer Committee only take responsibility only if the contestants keep the regulations and instructions.

Some activities during the Olympiad may be potentially dangerous, and may cause injury. These include running, jumping, various ball games, swimming, sliding, gymnasium games, telescope operation, and other unforeseen risks. I understand that it is my responsibility, as the participant’s parent, to allow my child to engage only in those activities which are appropriate. Contestants will go to open beach at Lake Balaton. I declare that I allow my child to go into the water, if he/she has a stable swimming competence. We do not take responsibility of any injuries in water, or drowning. The parapet height on the balcony of the multi-storey student accommodation building is only medium level. I express to my child to take care on the accommodation balcony, and not overhang the parapet. We do not take responsibility for any overhanging and fallout.

I understand and declare that it is my responsibility to inform organizers from any chronic, or foreseen medical problems regarding my child, and give appropriate instructions for his/her care. These include any regularly taken medicines, insulin injections, epileptic seizures, as well as any serious allergy. These information can be given on the registration site, will be handled privately, and will be told to the team guide. We do not take any responsibility for medical problems, from which have not been informed.

Hygienic conditions are generally good in Hungary, but different environment may cause gastrointestinal infection or diarrhoea. I am aware about this risk, when I let my child to participate.

I am aware that smoking and drinking alcohol is forbidden by law in Hungary under 18 years. I declare to explain my child, regardless of age, to not smoke or take any alcohol during the whole contest.




We do not take any responsibility for any personal injury or property damage in the following cases:

  • any strongly irresponsible activity of the contestant. These especially include accidents or loss caused by alcohol drinking or any drugs; escaping from the accommodation site or from the programs; not taking care of traffic and traffic rules; irresponsibly and physically dangerous games or playing.
  • any problems caused by the carelessness and negligence of contestants
  • any problems emerged by not keeping the instructions and regulations
  • any impairment or injury derived from intended or strongly neglectful activity
  • any personal relational activities among contestants. We do not take responsibility for the consequences of any anger, dispute, force, racism, or any relationship or sexual activity. These are not allowed in this international contest, and parents should warn contestants about this.

In the case of serious violation of the contest- or law regulations (e.g. drunken rowdysm, public execrative activity), contestant will be immediately transferred to the airport, and sent home by the first flight. Flight expenses will be billed to the parent.

Organizers do not provide any personal information from the contestants to parents during the Olympiad. We will inform parents from the progression of the contest via the website news, Olympic magazine and social media.

Any communication devices should be given to the leaders on the opening ceremony. If any communication device is found with a contestant, all the national team will be excluded from the competition. We do not take responsibility for communication devices, leaders and contestants should take care for them.

In any case of serious injury, organizers prove immediate medical service, and inform leaders, who will inform parents.

Organizers do not cover any medical treatment cost of contestants. Please effect a travel insurance, which cover medical treatment costs.

Organizers do not take responsibility for the personal properties, clothes and devices of contestants.

I have foreshown the content of this liability statement with my child.

The acceptance of this liability statement is a prerequisite to participate in the contest. The acceptance can be signed on the ‘Parent declaration’ document.


Budapest, 01.04.2018


Hungarian Organizing Committee