General terms and conditions

Please read the below General Terms and Conditions carefully in which Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. advises people registering for the 13thIOAA (hereafter: Participant) from the general terms and conditions of the contract concluded between the two parties.


  1. Contract Concluded between Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. and Participant
  2. The contractbetween Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. and Participant enters into force on voluntary registration of Participant on the www.ioaa2019.huwebsite to the 13thInternational Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (hereafter: IOAA), and acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions during the registration. The contract is considered as an electronic written contract. The application sends a confirmation from the registration to the Participant. The confirmation is recorded and stored. No other archiving will be undertaken. Language of the contract is English for all participants.
  3. The Statues of the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (hereafter: Statues) declares the principles of participation on the conference (#2, #4, #5). By submitting the registration, Participant accepts these rules. Statues are available on the aforementioned contest website (
  4. The detailed description of the contest is given in the Statues, the included scientific fields are detailed in the Syllabus of IOAA ( Contestants registering to the 13thIOAA accept these rules and conditions.
  5. The Statues declares the financial contribution to the Olympiad. According to #7 organising country covers all costs from the moment of arrival until the moment of departure. In particular, this concerns the costs for board and lodging for the students and the accompanying persons, the costs of excursions, awards for the winners, etc. These financing supported by the Hungarian organisers are valid for the regular team, which consists of no more than 5 students, and no more than 2 leaders per competing country (#4). Guest teams (#4) and further observers (#16) cover their own costs by paying registration fee.
  6. The 13thIOAA is organised by a Hungarian national consortium. The supporter of the Olympiad is the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities. The main fund manager and financial implementer is the University of Szeged, who imburses for the services provided on the Olympiad. The professional organizer of the Olympiad is Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. The event organizer is Diamond Congress Ltd.
  7. As per the contract concluded between Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. and Participant, Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. delivers Participant the services stated in point 5 and Statutes #7, including airport transfer, accommodation, board, conference venue, excursions and medals. These services are imbursed directly by the University of Szeged.
  8. Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. takes responsibility for the organisation of the Olympiad to provide the contest circumstances in time and conduct the event. Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. does not take responsibility for any stoppage, missing service, program cancelling or other operational problems caused by administrative deficiency or insufficient fulfilment of a third party, including any tie-up through the financial implementer party University of Szeged.
  9. Guest teams and observers must pay a registration fee. By this they make an electronic contract with Diamond Congress Ltd., and accept General terms and conditions of Diamond Congress Ltd. written on their webpage (
  10. Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd.may use subcontractors for delivering services. Its services may be inclusive of mediated services. In this case mediated services are shown on the final invoice.
  11. Organising consortium, including Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. provides a safely regulated residence for Participant, including appropriate local instructions, regulations and guarding for underaged contestants. Nevertheless we do not take responsibility for any accidents, personal injuries, illnesses, food allergy diseasednesses or any other medical problems during the Olympiad. We strongly recommend to effect an insurance covering medical treatment costs.
  12. Organising consortium, including Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. does not take responsibility for any personal properties and goods. Accommodation places are generally safe, participant must take care of own goods. Team leaders must take care of the communication devices of student team members. We recommend to effect an insurance covering properties and goods.
  13. Organising consortium, including Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. provides a safe and well directed transportation during the Olympiad events and excursions. We do not take responsibility for any missing, or getting lost of Participant. In case of loss, Participant may solve transportation by own, or in case of emergency may call organizer centre on the given phone number.
  14. As the Olympiad is free for contesting team members, organising consortium, including Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. do not provide financial compensation for any medical or financial injuries, or any organization or management problems occurring during the contest. For guest team members and observers Diamond Congress Ltd. will only assume liability for damages occurring due to causes attributable to it and proven, and the maximum amount of compensation shall be the participation fee announced for the participants of the conference (see: Diamond Congress Ltd. General terms and conditions point 11,
  15. Participant is entitled to cancelling or terminating the contract freely until the end of the registration period, 31stMay 2019. Teams are entitled to change Participant persons or the number of the participants in the team until 30thJune 2019. Guest team members and observers are entitled to cancel participation until 30thJune 2019, with reimbursement of 60% of registration fee. After 30thJune 2019 financial reimbursement is not possible.
  16. Let us call your attention to the fact that the detailed description of the conference, including the aforementioned references, the descriptions on the conference website, the Privacy Policy, the Liability Statement and Parent Declaration for underaged participants, the IOAA circulars, as well as the registration placed by Participant and its confirmation make part of the present General Terms and Conditions and are thus part of the electronic contract too.
  17. The contract concluded between Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. and Participant as per the above comes into being for a definite period of time, up to the point of delivering the service/consideration specified in the present contract (end of the conference). Contracting parties may amend the contract by mutual consent in writing (e-mail and its confirmation) at any time.
  18. Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. may terminate the contract if Participant does not honour their contractual obligations even after notice and setting of the deadlines or if they seriously breach an important condition of the contract.
  19. Cases of faulty service delivery are otherwise governed by precepts of the Civil Code of Hungary (with special respect to the fact that Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. is primarily obliged to correct delivery, whereas Participant is obliged to immediately report such fault to Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. on premises of the conference).
  20. Hungarian Astronomical Non-profit Ltd. did not subject itself to any code of conduct.
  21. Matters not regulated in the present contract shall be governed by Hungarian law, primarily by the Civil Code and other Hungarian legal regulations in effect. In case of a legal dispute, the case shall be heard by the Hungarian court having jurisdiction and competence on basis of the general rules of the Code of Civil Procedure.

Dated at Budapest, on 3 April 2019

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