The local hospitality includes accommodation for 8 nights together with breakfast, lunch and dinner starting on Friday, August 2 at 12:00pm until Saturday, August 10 at 10:00pm. All other individual expenditure will be billed to you by the hotel. 

Accommodation for team leaders and observers:

Hévíz, the residence place of the team leaders, is an even smaller town, but the top visited site in this region, and second in all Hungary – due to its natural thermal medicinal water lakelet. 

Hunguest Hotel Helios, Hévíz (8380 Hévíz, Vörösmarty street 91.)

Thermal lake, Hévíz

Accomodation for students:

Keszthely, the residence place of the students, is a small, but really a long-time inhabited town. Evidence has been found since the “new stony age”. It is first mentioned by this name as a village with two churches in 1247. The main development started since 1739, when the village and its fields were purchased by Festetics family. It has won a regional importance since 1759, when a hospital was founded, and later, 1772 a high school, then in 1797 the Georgicon University, too. One of the most beautiful baroque palaces of Hungary was also built by Festetics family since 1745 (and finished in 1887). Nowadays, Keszthely is the 5th most popular and most visited touristic target near Balaton. 

Pethe Ferenc Dorm, Keszthely (8360 Keszthely, Festetics György street 5.)

Helikon Beach, Lake Balaton