Astronomy is a science with thousands of years of history, which has been constantly changing and developing, especially since the explosion of modern technology. Accordingly, if you would like to stay up to date, you need to find your sources, the pages where you can obtain reliable information about the news. Here we help you now. Here are the top sites that are worthwhile to follow.


How else should we start the line if not with NASA’s page. The site for professionals, non-professionals and any interested people sets out a tremendous amount of information about even more interesting expeditions, results, and events. The image of the day is chosen every day, which is usually a great success, but you can also follow NASA TV as well as the posts of astronauts on Twitter.

Astronomy Now

Astronomy Now is England’s most popular monthly magazine with a super website. Reading the articles, you will definitely feel like subscribing to the magazine. was launched in 1999 and has become the favourite of millions since then. It is no wonder, because you can find here recent, current and interesting information, in addition the structure of the page is logical, thus you can find everything you are looking for. There is also a webshop where you can order cool gifts.

Heavens Above is a real speciality and is the great favourite of non-professional astronomers. You can receive information here on the International Space Station, satellites, for example, after giving your coordinates, you can find out when they are passing over you, but you can request the position of smaller planets, asteroids and spaceships as well.

The web page is worthwhile to mention from among the Hungarian pages. This is actually an astronomy news portal where you can find a wide range of knowledge and program tips alongside the news.